Saunders Lake About:

Saunders Lake - FallSaunders Lake is located in both Mound and Minnetrista, Minnesota. Saunders Lake is a large, Type 5 wetland, classified as a Natural Environment lake. It is approximately 70 acres.

Saunders Lake outlets through a small channel to Langdon Lake. Langdon Lake discharges through a culvert under Highway 110 into Lost Lake, which outlets into Cooks Bay, Lake Minnetonka.

The corridor between Black and Saunders Lakes is comprised of wetland and maple-basswood forest and has been identified by the DNR as a regionally significant area with outstanding ecological value. Most of this area has been incorporated into Gale Woods Regional Park by the Three Rivers Park District.

Saunders Lake scores highly on vegetative diversity, fish and wildlife habitat, and is classified in the Preserve category.

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has a draft plan to workSaunders Lake - Winter cooperatively with other agencies and organizations to help create a corridor along the old rail corridor to link Langdon Lake to Saunders and Black Lakes, Gale Woods, and the conservation corridor within the Langdon Lake subwatershed to the north.

Source: Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

Boating Regulations:

Saunders Lake does not have any boating or motor regulations. Here is the DNRs official list of Metro lakes with boating regulations.  


More information about the lake can be found on Image:Wikipedia button 80x15.png.

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